*FREEBIE* Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems ~ Simplified for Spanish & French learners!

Today we are reading Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems ~ simplified for language learners!

This is such a sweet story and a family favorite in my house. Since Trixie, the main character, is a toddler and isn't able to explain her problem to her father, it is a great choice to read in a language class! It leads perfectly into a discussion about how Trixie could use gestures to help her father understand that she has lost her treasured bunny.

You can purchase the book in Spanish here.

I haven't found the book in French, but I prefer to simplify stories myself anyway. Typically a translated story has complicated vocabulary and grammar structures which go way over an early language learner's head. I like to choose my own way to tell the story and paste my version over the text in the original copy of the book.

Just purchase the book in English here, and then paste your own text onto the pages of your book. Or ... I'm sharing mine! I have a version in French {click here} and a version in Spanish {click here}. Then grab the book study here!

Want some strategies for reading to early language learners? Find some here.

What's your favorite story to read to your students? Comment below.

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