*FREEBIE* Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans ~ Simplified for French learners!

Today we are reading Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans ~ Simplified for French learners!

It's a classic of children's literature & I love, love, love this story!

The French version of this book includes vocabulary that goes over my students' heads. So I've created my own simplified version of this story & I'm sharing it with you today!

Just purchase the book in either French or English. And then paste my simple text over the text in the book. Find my simplified story here.

You can also find the story on youtube as a read aloud. Just play the video, turn the volume off and read my simplified story as your students watch the pages of the book on the video.

Want some strategies for reading to early language learners? Find some here.

What other stories would you love to have simplified? Comment below!

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