*FREEBIE* ~ Simplified Chicks & Salsa in Spanish for Cinco de mayo

Today we are reading Chicks and Salsa, by Aaron Reynolds.
I adore this cute little story about farm animals going out into the garden & making all sorts of Mexican yumminess to eat with what they find in the garden. It is perfect to read for Cinco de mayo or anytime you want to work with farm animals or vegetables.

Today we are simplifying this story to read to Spanish language learners.

I haven't been able to find this book in Spanish, but I prefer to simplify stories myself anyway. I can choose language that is just at the right level for my students. Typically a translated story would go over my students' heads.

I'm sharing my Spanish simplified version of this story. Just grab it right here!
Then paste my simple text over the English in the book you can find for sale here.

You can also find this story as a read aloud if you do a search on youtube. Then just show the video to your students with the volume off and read my simplified text as they watch the story.

And don't forget the chips and salsa!

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