*FREEBIE* Miss Nelson is Missing, by Harry G. Allard Jr. ~ Simplified for Spanish & French learners!

It's back to school time ~ the perfect time to read Miss Nelson is Missing ~ simplified for language learners!

It is a new school year. We are establishing rules and routines. We are talking about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. Let's read Miss Nelson is Missing! But first, let's simplify it for our language learners.

You can purchase the story in English here, or in Spanish here. I haven't been able to find the story for sale in French, but I prefer to simplify stories for my students anyway. I just paste my simple version of the story over the text in my book.

You can write your own version of the story, or use mine! I have a version in French {click here} and a version in Spanish {click here}. Just paste the text into your book. Or, find a read aloud of the story on youtube, turn the volume off, and read the simplified text as your students watch.

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What story would you like me to simplify next? Comment below!