Quick and Easy Make Your Own Chocolate Poisson d'avril

Today we are making easy chocolate fish to celebrate le poisson d'avril!

If you do a google search for moldable chocolate or modeling chocolate, you'll find many recipes. The first one I tried was a messy disaster. 10 seconds into trying to form a fish, my hands were covered in chocolate and I just wanted the goop out of my hands. Next I tried a recipe from allrecipes.com called Plastic Chocolate. I figured if it had the name plastic in it, that would mean I'd have a more sturdy dough, and I was right! I had trace amounts of chocolate on my hands after making a fish with this dough.

The dough is made up of two ingredients; corn syrup and chocolate.

You melt the chocolate and then mix in the corn syrup. You'll end up with a thick lump of chocolate deliciousness.
Then you'll put the candy on plastic wrap to cool. The recipe tells you to wait 5 hours for it to cool and suggests that overnight is best. I waited 1 and a half hours and found mine sturdy enough to begin making my fish.

Give each student a piece of dough. I wanted mine to be large enough for the students to decorate, so I made a generous sized ball - maybe slightly smaller than a golf ball. If you make them this size, the recipe will be enough to make 12 fish.

Demonstrate with your own fish before having the students start.

First roll the candy in between your hands to form a ball.

Now start forming your fish by pinching to form a tail.

Keep pinching and molding the candy until you have a fish shape.

You can hand out toothpicks and let the students make scales and a mouth if they'd like.
You can also give them sprinkles or other small candies to decorate their fish.
And now comes the best part. Time to eat! I read that this recipe gives you a tootsie roll-like candy. I'm not a huge fan of tootsie rolls, but yuuuuuuum! These fish are so good!

I'd love to see photos of your students' best creations. Please share!

**Freebie** French & Spanish class Find Someone Who Activity

Find someone who is a great activity to get your students speaking in the target language with one another. It is typically an activity used to get to know the other students in the class, but by focusing the items in each square on a specific vocabulary theme or grammar topic, you can use it at any time to get your students speaking to one another!

In case you are not familiar with this activity I'll explain what to do. Then print off my freebie {version in Spanish & version in French} to play with your class!

Each student will need a copy of the worksheet {my freebie} and a pen or pencil.

The students will mingle and approach one another. They will then ask a student if they like to do a certain activity listed on the worksheet. They must ask the question in the target language. The other student must answer in a complete sentence in the target language. If they answer that they do like that activity, they will write their name in the box. The students will then move on to ask someone new a question from the worksheet.

You can tell the students that the need to fill up the whole worksheet & have a name inside each box and then provide some sort of a prize to whomever finishes first. Or you can have them play bingo style where they only need to have three names going across or down.

Once they know how to play, make this a regular activity! Change up the vocabulary and the grammar depending on what it is you are working on in the classroom.