About Me

I'm Janice.

If it has to do with getting early language learners to speak in the target language, I can help!

I create resources that empower the tireless teacher to get students speaking!

I have over 20 years of experience teaching Spanish and French K-12. My passion is working with early language learners. Whether in Kindergarten or in grade 12, I love watching the student go from knowing nothing at all in the target language, to understanding lessons taught 100% in the TL, to beginning to speak a little bit themselves!

We know we need to immerse our students fully in the target language. We know we need to keep it comprehensible. In my online store, I specialize in simple, comprehensible, and engaging readers.

If you are ready to get your students speaking and reading in the target language, check out my simplified fairy tales in Spanish and French. They are my most popular items!

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