French Class Back to School Freebie Treasures

The new school year is just around the corner and I'm starting to think about lesson planning. I've spent some time treasure hunting for the start of the school year freebie resources and I want to share the treasures I've found!

Today I will be sharing the goodies I've found for my French classes. Stay tuned for some Spanish class treasures! Coming soon!!

Let's start with one of my freebies. It is an All About Me Build-A-Book! Novice learners can cut and paste. Students ready to write on their own can just write on the pages of the book. The students will end up with a story book all about them that they can present to the class or read with a partner/in small groups. Find it here.

I love playing Find Someone Who at the start of a school year. It is another great way to learn about our classmates. I like this freebie from Dans la classe de Mme Sandra.
Mme Sandra also has another Find Someone Who for older learners & I spied an "I have/who has" game with a back to school theme too. Check out her store!

I just adore these get-to-know-you dice by for French Immersion. The students write questions on the dice and then they work in pairs, rolling the dice and answering questions. For novice learners, the teacher can write the questions and just have the students roll & ask/answer questions.

Students love to share what they did over the summer. And it is yet another way to get to know one another a little better. Check out this back to school writing activity from Mme McIntosh. I know my students will love sharing about their summer adventures!

Moving away from learning about each other and on to working with the French language and school related vocabulary, this Back to School Puzzle by Les petits singes de Mlle W looks like so much fun! Grab it here.

And I have one more of my freebies to share. My days of the week reader will get your students reading and talking all about what they do each day of the week. Find it here!

I hope these treasure help you get off to a great new school year!

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