Spanish Class Back to School Freebie Treasures

As promised ... the treasure hunting results for Spanish classes!

The new school year is just around the corner and I'm starting to think about lesson planning. I've spent some time treasure hunting for start of the school year freebies and I'm sharing the treasures I've found!

Today I will be sharing the goodies I've found for my Spanish classes. Last week I shared what I found for my French classes.

Let's start with one of my freebies. It is an All About Me Build-A-Book! Novice learners can cut and paste. Students ready to write on their own can just write on the pages of the book. The students will end up with a mini story book all about them that they can present to the class or read with a partner/in small groups. Find it here.

I love playing Find Someone Who at the start of a school year. It is another great way to learn about our classmates. I like this freebie from el Mundo de Pepita.

I always give my students Spanish names. I just love this back to school name activity by El Tesoro del saber. It is such a cute activity for working with learning new names.

I'll be ready to work with greetings and this greeting game resource from el Mundo de Pepita will make it so much fun!

I'll want to review colors and classroom vocabulary, so I've printed out this freebie from Peg Hutson.

And as I continue working with classroom vocabulary, I'll be excited to use this Spanish Back to School Mini Book from Doodles and Kreations. What an awesome freebie!

And I have one more of my freebies to share. My days of the week reader will get your students reading and talking all about what they do each day of the week. Find it here!

I hope these treasures help you get off to a great new school year!

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